New Orleans 4-Piece SOMETHING BURNING is a Progressive Funk Rock band that was started in late 2010 by cellist/guitarist Daniel Andrews and guitarist/saxophonist PJ DiIorio. Both classically trained musicians and independent songwriters, the two formed the band early in their time at Loyola University New Orleans, with the goal of blending post-funk (in the vain of Incubus and RHCP) with a taste of reggae, jazz, and hip hop, (think of Sublime and The Roots). Take that, and add cello (often in combo with stand up bass and/or horns).

The group’s ability to blend subtle elements of jazz with the power of early hard rock (drawing strong influences from the greats — Beatles, Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull) culminates in the sound of Something Burning. Although it’s hard to describe this group’s eclectic, genre-defying sound without seeing a live performance, it is safe to say that you should expect to be taken on a musical journey through genres, grooves, and instrumentations.

Since the band’s inception, the rhythm section has been fluid. However in early 2011, they were joined by Ecuadorian drummer/percussionist Pepe Wright. Pepe constantly keeps the the band energy flowing, and also brings in strong influences of his own, particularly from alternative/progressive rock. The group was soon after joined by a Louisiana native, bassist Stephen Bohnstengel. Stephen (aka “The Stang”) studied Jazz Performance on Bass (also at Loyola), and does a lot of arranging and songwriting in his own right.



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