All official CD and demo releases –

– February 27, 2012 –

White Mountain Side


– October 17th, 2011 –

Break it Down


– Sept 15th, 2011- 2 Song Demo –

Miss Bernardi

Studio Audience




4 thoughts on “Listen

  1. diante says:

    ► 4:35► 4:35

    hey checke you out sound good, see you soon Diante

  2. HSBCStudents but mostly Daniel says:

    while on a choir tour in New Orleans, me and my friends ran into Daniel Andrews and some other girl playing the violin, they were very good btw. love the music and hope to here more from yall. to Daniel: my name is Daniel too and i think it would b cool if u and tht girl could come visit us at hunter street babtist church. btw u can follow us @hsbcstudents. hope to here from u, bye.

    • Hey,

      This is Daniel. I remember you guys, thanks so much for the support and for listening to our music. We enjoyed playing for you all in the french quarter. By the way, that violinist’s name is Kristen Katich. I would have to talk to her about it, but we will definitely try to make it out to Alabama some time. As for my band Something Burning, we would also love to come to Alabama sometime soon as well. Either way, we’ll let you know if we come through that way. Thanks again!

  3. HSBCStudents but mostly Daniel says:



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