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  1. Hard at work

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    February 25, 2013 by Something Burning

    This past Saturday was a very long day in the studio.

    I am happy to say that we’re making good progress on the upcoming EP.

    Gotta give a lot of credit to PJ. He has been acting as our engineer while also playing on all of the songs. This time around, he got to the studio extra early to set up mics and get the session ready all by himself. I then had to gather the troops (“the Stang” and Pepe) while he set up the studio (which, by the way, is no task to be overlooked).

    We have come to recognize at this point that studio sessions always take longer than expected to get started. So in a way, it was expected that the session wouldn’t actually start rolling until close to 4pm, almost four hours after PJ got there to set up. It was a good thing we had the studio booked until midnight. We managed to get a rough tracks of 6 songs in the next 7 or so hours, and ended up getting out of the studio around 10:30 or 11.

    It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. This is going to be the first official EP that we’ve released. Believe me, we want to share our hard work with you, but we will have to wait until the time is right. Not until the music is perfect (or as close as we can get it). There is no doubt that the EP will be ready for y’all by the end of this semester, but we are hoping for mid to late April.

    Something Burning is also planning on playing a show or two before our release party. We will give more updates when the details on this stuff are official. Keep a look out for an upcoming show in March!



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